Finding a lost pension


If you think you've lost, misplaced or forgotten about a pension you paid in to in a previous job then there’s a free service you can use to help trace it.

Changes in our life circumstances (such as moving house or job, for example) can sometimes break the relationship between a pension fund and the pension holder.

In UK there are over four million unclaimed pension entitlements so it is worth checking and it doesn’t cost anything.

Simply go to and type in your National Insurance number for an instant response if there’s a match or not.

If you find a match, it will show the pension fund you have benefits with and their contact details, for you to follow up.

Find My Lost Pension holds details on hundreds of thousands of lost or missing pension pots. Anyone can search this database. Various pension funds have uploaded NI numbers only to this tracing website, operated by a company called Euraplan Ltd. Your information is confidential and no other party will have access to it.

Government Pension Tracing Service

There is also a government body that may be able to assist you - the Pension Tracing Service which provides a similar service to Euraplan and is again totally free of charge.

Simply go to

Also, don’t forget to keep your pension providers up to date with any change in your home address and email details.