Avon Pension Fund signs new charter to target diversity problem in asset management

At Avon Pension Fund, diversity is an integral part of our Responsible Investment strategy and as such a key priority. To help address the issue and build an investment industry that embodies a more balanced representation of diverse societies, we have recently signed-up to the Asset Owner Diversity Charter.

This charter seeks to formalise a set of actions designed to improve diversity, in all forms, across the asset management industry. In collaboration with Brunel Pension Partnership, we will follow its three main commitments to:

  • Incorporate diversity questions into manager selection
  • Incorporate diversity into ongoing manager monitoring
  • Lead and collaborate with others in the investments industry to identify diversity and inclusion best practice

We sign this Charter alongside 16 other signatories representing a huge £1.08 trillion worth of assets – meaning there is significant weight behind this movement. We couldn’t be prouder to be part of it and hope it can help increase awareness and bring about real change to the industry.

For more information, please see further articles from Brunel and The Diversity Project.


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