Draft Investment Strategy Statement

We are currently consulting on our draft Investment Strategy Statement (ISS) with stakeholders.  It is a technical document that is drafted to comply with LGPS regulations and guidance.

The ISS sets out how the Fund will achieve its primary strategic objective of paying the pensions due over time.  This entails balancing the risk within the portfolio between generating returns and protecting capital, recognising our responsibility as a shareholder/investor and how the Fund can contribute to resolving materially financial global issues and at the same time ensuring it maintains affordability for employers. We acknowledge it is difficult to achieve all the differing aspirations and objectives of our stakeholders; our strategy includes those that are aligned with the primary objective and where they do not increase the financial risk to the Fund and our ability to pay pensions.

This Statement incorporates changes resulting from the Fund’s most recent investment strategy review including changes to the asset allocation and the setting of climate change objectives. The setting of explicit climate objectives reflects the Fund’s belief that climate change presents a material financial risk to our assets and managing this risk is consistent with our over-arching fiduciary duty to the scheme members.

Feedback on the ISS from scheme members will be considered alongside comments from other key stakeholders such as the Pension Board, employers and trade unions ahead of the document being finalised in September.

Please submit comments by 12 August 2020 to AvonPF_Investments@bathnes.gov.uk

PDF iconDraft Investment Strategy Statement


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