2020 Annual Review: Avon Pension Fund Engagement Highlights

Our ESG engagement/stewardship annual review of 2020 is here. This report outlines the engagement activity carried out by EOS Federated Hermes on behalf of Avon Pension Fund – and aims to highlight and quantify all the ESG engagement/stewardship activities carried out throughout 2020.

657 companies were engaged with across 2,419 environmental, social, governance, strategy, risk and communications issues and objectives. The impressive figures held in the report highlight how much of an impact we can have, both for the UK and world beyond.

The report acknowledges the difficulties thrown up by the pandemic, as well as going in-depth on subjects such as progress made by the Climate Action 100+ initiative, the lobbying of large banks where the financing of fossil fuels is concerned, and social issues such as diversity & inclusion.

The full report can be downloaded at: PDF icon2020 Annual Review: Avon Pension Fund Engagement Highlights


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