Get to know Responsible Investment

In light of the Climate Emergency, there is growing pressure on countries and organisations alike to publicise what they are doing to address and tackle the issue. As your Pension Fund, we know it is our responsibility to be transparent and to explain our actions in the matter, especially when it comes to investment. We’re pleased to have a new tool in our box to help us keep that promise, that we’d like to share with you.

Developed by the LGPS Scheme Advisory Board (SAB) (, a new A-Z guide to Responsible Investment (RI) has been put together to act as a glossary of RI terms, organisations, standards, and legislation indexed by:

  • Its classification (what it is)
  • Its category (where it fits in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG))
  • And its status (in the context of the LGPS legislative framework)

The guide will reference LGPS case studies throughout to offer further context.

You can access the guide by visiting

We would encourage you to save the guide’s home page as one of your website favourites or bookmarks for ease of access.

The current content of the guide has been prepared by SAB with the assistance of the newly established Responsible Investment Advisory Group (RIAG). Both parties agree it is too early to call it a complete guide, especially in such a fast-moving area. It will be continuously monitored and updated regularly to ensure it remains useful.

Investment can be a daunting subject at the best of times, so we’re thrilled that such a resource has been developed and are happy to share it with our members in the hope that it will give you a clearer understanding about how your pensions work.


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