Planning for retirement - topping up your State Pension

As a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) you were previously ‘contracted out’ of the additional State Pension and therefore received a rebate on your National Insurance (NI) contributions. From 6 April 2016 this rebate ceased and the LGPS is longer ‘contracted out’.

You should be aware that, as a member of the LGPS, if you are eligible for the new State Pension you might not receive the full amount. This is because as a member of the LGPS you are likely to have paid a lower amount of National Insurance in previous years. More information about this and the new State Pension, including how much state pension you will get and how to increase it, can be found at

The Local Government association (LGA) have produced a Topping Up Your State Pension Guide, listing the various ways that an individual may top up their State Pension, depending on their personal circumstances and when they reach their State Pension Age.

The Money Advice Service website also has information on the options available to individuals looking to top up their state pension.

More information can be found on our State Pension page.


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