Divorce and your pension

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You and your partner will need to consider how to treat your pension as part of any divorce/dissolution settlement.

You may wish to get legal advice from your solicitor on how to deal with your Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) benefits during any divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership.

Please read the Pensions and divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership guidance notes for more information.

This covers areas such as:

  • What happens to my benefits if I get divorced or my civil partnership is dissolved?
  • Getting an estimate of the Cash Equivalent Value (CEV) of your pension rights.
  • What is the process to be followed?
  • Offsetting pension rights
  • Pension Sharing Order

Life cover

As a member of the LGPS you have valuable life cover which includes a lump sum paid on your death. If you have previously nominated your husband, wife or civil partner to receive this, you may want to fill in a new Death grant expression of wish nomination form to let us know of any changes

You can do this by signing up to “my pension online