How do I get an estimate?

Calculating an estimate

You may be thinking of retiring or nearing your retirement age and want to get an estimate from us about your pension benefits.

The quickest way is to do this through “my pension online”  using the Benefit Projector (on the left hand menu).

Login/register for my pension online

This will give you an indication of your pension, but it’s for illustration purposes only. Please don’t make decisions in respect of your benefits without requesting a formal quotation from us.

You can do this by requesting a formal estimate through our Contact us page.

If you contact us requesting an estimate please be aware that due to current demand it may take 6 to 8 weeks for us to provide you an estimate. 

You can get your own estimate though my pension online. Once signed in use the Benefit Projector in the left hand side menu. The Voluntary Retirement section of the projector gives an illustration of your pension if you were to stay paying into the fund up to your retirement. The Deferred Benefits section of the projector will show your future benefits if you were to leave the fund before your normal retirement age.

Your annual benefit statement (which we post to you in August) also shows the current value of your pension (as at 31/03/2016) as well as a projection of its potential value at your Normal Pension Age. Your statement is also available on my pension online.