We’re local investors


Have you ever wondered how the money in your pension is invested? With high-profile campaigns highlighting the way pension schemes invest, we thought you may like to hear about a recent investment. 

And remember - your LGPS pension benefits are guaranteed by law and do not depend on investment returns.

Focus on local impact

In May we took a group of members, staff and Committee on a guided tour of Grange Farm Solar Farm in South Gloucestershire. 

They heard how the solar farm produces power and feeds this into the national grid, powering local homes along the way. 

We recently allocated 3% of our assets – around £160 million - to local impact investments. The solar farm is the first investment through this new allocation. 

The investment will help us achieve our new net zero 2045 goal.

The solar farm is one of 17 we invested in recently in collaboration with five other LGPS pension funds.