Pension Tracing

The Avon Pension Fund undertakes pension tracing to identify scheme members within the Fund who we have lost touch with their LGPS pension.

We have tried to contact you previously and our letters have been returned.

The Fund uses tracing companies to find the most up do date address for you and will use this information to send you a letter to confirm your address is correct.

Please get in touch to confirm your address

If you have recieved a letter from us to confirm your address information is correct please get in touch as soon as you can. You are currently missing out on regular statements and important information about your pension or a refund that might be payable. Once we have your new details we will be able to send you regular updates.

We cannot update your records with your correct address without your confirmation.

How to get back in touch

You have a choice of ways to contact us

  • By changing your address yourself via my pension online
  • By using the online form below
  • By completing the change of address form attached to your letter

Once your address has been updated you will then receive future correspondence regarding your pension benefits.

If your surname has changed for any reason please provide your previous surname.