The day-to-day operation of the Fund is undertaken by the Pension Administration team and the Finance and Investments team. At Avon Pension Fund we'll be there for you when you need us, ensuring your pension benefits will be paid in full, for life.

The Pension Administration is responsible for the administration of pension benefits up to retirement and beyond. The team focuses on providing:

  • pension calculations for members
  • timely payment of benefits to members
  • accurate information about the pension fund
  • support and training to employer organisations in the scheme

The team also provides members with:

  • an annual pension statement, outlining their current pension benefits, sent by 31 August (for ‘active’ and ’deferred’ members)
  • regular newsletters outlining pension topics and any law/regulation changes (at least once a year, and within three months of any regulation changes)
  • a secure portal - my pension online - so that members can access their pension account online at any time

Customer service

We aim to give a consistent level of customer service to our members, that’s both efficient and helpful. Our Customer Service Charter outlines the standards of service you can expect from us.

Download our Customer Service Charter (PDF, 353.64KB) 

Breaches Policy

Our Breaches Policy deals with the process of identifying and recording breaches. It also explains when breaches of pension regulations should be reported to the Pension’s Regulator.

Download our Breaches Policy 2023 (PDF, 137.53KB)

The Pensions Regulator

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) oversees the governance and administration of public service pension schemes, including the LGPS. TPR has powers to protect members of work-based pension schemes and help to put matters right. In some cases, the regulator is able to fine trustees or employers, and remove members of the committee from a scheme.

Administration Authority discretions

What happens in cases where a former employer has ceased to be a Scheme employer? The administering authority must exercise discretion. Entitlements of past employees of this employer are reviewed under certain regulations.

Download our LGPS 2014 Discretionary policies and procedures (PDF, 121.54KB)

Reports, policies and statements

The following documents outline how the Fund operates:

Service Plan 2023-2026

An overview of our funding, investment and administration strategies and information on Avon Pension Fund’s budget allocation until 2026.

Download our Service Plan 2023-2026 (PDF, 230.04KB)

Administration Strategy Statement

This document outlines the organisation's strategy and approach to administering various operational aspects of the fund.

Download our Administration Strategy Statement (PDF, 609.21KB)

Communication Policy Statement

This document outlines our guidelines and principles with regards communication practices. It’s designed to provide a framework for consistent, effective, and transparent communication both internally and externally.

Download our Communications Policy Statement (PDF, 321.99KB)