The easiest way to manage your pension account is online.

Register or login to my pension online

my pension online lets you view your pension account, carry out projections about your pension and update your personal details. It’s the easy and secure way to manage your pension.

If you are paying into the scheme you can:

  • view and update your contact details
  • view your personal, financial and membership details
  • view your annual benefits statements
  • view and update death grant expression of wish details
  • calculate estimates on your pension

Address changes – tell your employer too

If you are updating your address on my pension online, please ensure that you also tell your employer about the changes.

Your employer regularly updates us electronically with your details and if your old address is still on your employer’s records, there is a chance that your new address could be overwritten.

If you are receiving your pension you can:

  • view and update your contact details
  • view your pension details
  • view your P60 and payslip history
  • update your bank account details

If you previously paid into the scheme you can:

  • view and update your contact details
  • view financial details
  • view your deferred pension details
  • calculate estimates on your pension

Please note that my pension online is currently not available to councillors or uniformed members of the Fire Fighters Pension Scheme and ex teachers.

my pension online will not allow you to carry out redundancy estimates. A redundancy estimate must be made by contacting your employer.

How to sign up and register

To access your online account, you will need to complete the sign up and registration process.

To sign up you will need to submit the following information:

  • last name
  • National Insurance number
  • date of birth
  • email address

After your sign-up details have been confirmed you will receive an account activation email to complete your registration.

To complete your registration:

  • you will need to create a username (6-30 characters long, containing letters and numbers only, must start with a letter)
  • confirm your email address
  • create a password (at least 8 characters in length and must include one numeric, one lower case, one upper case and one special case (for example @, % or *) character)
  • create a password hint
  • choose two security questions and answers to them (different answers to your password)

For more details of how to sign up and register download the my pension online user guide (PDF, 375.13KB)

Problems logging in?

There are certain situations where you may not be able to view your account. Such as if you are going from being an active member paying into the scheme, to becoming a pensioner. This change in 'status' may mean that you temporarily won’t be able to view your account.

If you are having any issues with logging into my pension online, or accessing the site in anyway, please use our online contact form.

Do you have a query about your pension records?

If you believe any of your details held within my pension online are incorrect, please get in touch with our pensions team.

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