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My pension online lets you view your pension record online; carry out projections about your pension; send us enquiries and allows you to update your details.

It’s safe and secure - maintaining the security and integrity of all member data is our highest priority and the system is subject to the same technology as the major high street banks.

my pension online has a new-look and re-design, with some improvements built in.  We hope that you will find it easier to use and find your way around.

What can you do?

  • View and update your contact details
  • View your personal, financial and membership details
  • View your annual benefits statements
  • View and update death grant expression of wish details
  • Do estimates on your pension
  • Send online requests/enquiries to us

Address changes – tell your employer too

If you are updating your address on my pension online please ensure that you also tell your employer about the changes.

Your employer regularly updates us electronically with your details and if your old address is still on your employer’s records there is a chance that your new address could be overwritten.

  • View and update your contact details
  • View your pension details
  • View your P60 and payslip history
  • Update your bank account details
  • Send online requests/enquiries to us
  • View and update your contact details
  • View financial details
  • View your deferred pension details
  • Do estimates on your deferred pension
  • Send online requests/enquiries to us

Please note that my pension online is currently not available to councillors or uniformed members of the Fire Fighters Pension Scheme and ex teachers.

My pension online will not allow you to carry out redundancy estimates. A redundancy estimate must be made by contacting your employer.

There are certain situations where you may not be able to view your acount, such as if you are going from being an active member, paying into the scheme, to becoming a pensioner.  This change in 'status' may mean that temporarily you wont be able to view your account.

Do you have a query about your pension records?

If you believe any of your details held within my pension online are incorrect, please contact us.

Problems logging in?

If you are having any issues with logging into my pension online, or accessing the site in anyway, email us at


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