Pensions Dashboards

What are Pensions Dashboards?

The Government is launching a new initiative which will allow users to securely view all their pension savings in one place.

Savers will be able to choose from a range of Pensions Dashboards and, after verifying their identity, users will be able to trigger a secure digital search across virtually the entire pensions industry. A summary of the pensions found will be displayed back to the user on their smart phone, tablet, or desktop browser.

This new, free online service will be available 24/7 and include your state pension but won’t include pensions already being paid (for example if you’re already retired).

When can I connect?

Pensions Dashboards aren’t available just yet, but the pensions industry is working with Government and Regulators to make them available in the next few years.

What can I do in the meantime?

Pensions Dashboards are a little way off, but you don’t need to wait to find out more about your savings with The Avon Pension Fund.  Signing up for my pension online will enable you to view your latest available pension figures and perform simple calculations, showing some of the options possible when you retire.

Keeping us up to date with your personal information is very important, as it will help you register through the Pensions Dashboards quickly and securely, ensuring you can view your pension figures.  If you are currently paying into the LGPS through your salary, it’s important you inform your employer of any change of name and address as soon as possible.  If you are no longer contributing to the LGPS but still hold a pension with us, you can also use my pension online to tell us about a change of name, email, or postal address and for any enquiries.

Please note: If you don’t keep us informed of your latest contact details this may delay payment of your pension.

If you think you have pension savings you’ve lost track of, the National Pension Tracing Day website is an excellent place to start your search.

We will keep our savers updated of further Pensions Dashboards announcements when more news becomes available.