If you leave before your Normal Pension Age and you have completed two full years scheme membership, you will be entitled to deferred benefits in the LGPS. Your deferred LGPS benefits will be calculated as described in the How your pension is worked out section.

While your pension benefits are deferred, they will increase each year in line with the cost of living.

Your deferred benefits will normally be paid unreduced at your Normal Pension Age, unless:

  • you transfer your deferred benefits to another pension scheme or arrangement, in which case your scheme membership will cease.
  • your benefits are paid early on ill-health grounds as signed off by your employer. Dependent on the tier of ill-health granted, some benefits are reduced.

Your benefits could be paid in full if:

  • you elect to take your deferred benefits at your Normal Pension Age or later.  Your benefits must be paid by age 75.

The earliest age you can take benefits from is 55. Benefits paid earlier than your Normal Pension Age, other than on the grounds of permanent ill health, may be reduced to take account of their early payment and the fact that your pension will be paid for longer. Benefits paid after your Normal Pension Age will be increased.

The Government has announced that the earliest age you can take your pension will increase from 55 to 57 from 6 April 2028. For more information, see the Pension age changes section.