Receiving your pension

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When do I get my first pension payment?

Your Annual Pension will be paid into your chosen Bank or Building Society account in 12 monthly instalments. Pensions are normally paid on the 9th or the 22nd of each month. Where the 9th or the 22nd is a Saturday or Sunday (or a Bank Holiday) payment will be made on the Friday before.

We will send you your first pension pay advice slip when your pension is paid for the first time. From then on, details of each payment will only be sent to you if your net monthly pension changes by £5 or more or if you change your r bank details or if your tax code is changed.

Changes are likely to occur each April when the annual Pensions Increase is applied to your pension and again possibly in May or June when any new tax codes are applied. 

Pension pay dates for 2016/17

Pension Payroll number

We allocate all new pensioners with their own unique pension payroll number. Your pension payroll number will be printed on your pay advice slips. It will help us identify your pension record if you quote this when contacting us.

Checking your payslip

You can a view your pension payslip figures online by signing up to “my pension online”. Follow the instructions which tell you how to register and view your details through a secure link.

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