Under Regulation 89 of the Local Government Pension Scheme (2013) members have a right to receive an annual benefit statement that shows the current pension benefits they have built up and, for contributing members, a projection of the pension benefits they are likely to accrue at their normal pension age.

However members do not have a right to additional retirement benefit estimates, over and above their annual benefit statement. 

This policy and the accompanying schedule of charges outlines what members can expect in terms of requesting retirement benefit estimates from the Avon Pension Fund.


As outlined above the annual pension benefit statement gives an estimate every year of members’ pension benefits as at 31 March and, for members paying into the scheme, projections to their normal pension age (NPA).  This is provided free of charge.

The annual pension benefit statement is also available via my pension online. This is provided free of charge.

my pension online also provides self-service access for members to calculate their own estimate. This is provided free of charge.

Members can request an formal estimate quotation from the Avon Pension Fund:

  1. If the member is requesting an estimate within 12 months of retiring then the estimate can be provided free of charge.
  2. Members, within the above criteria, shall not be entitled to apply for another free retirement benefit estimate quotation within 12 months of having requested the initial quotation – more than one request per year will incur a charge (see schedule of charges)
  3. Members may specify one chosen retirement date or age in their request. More than one date/age request will incur multiple charges (see schedule of charges)
  4. Members outside criteria can either use the online self-service to carry out their own free estimate or they can request an estimate from the Fund. However this is chargeable (see schedule of charges)
  5. Estimates can take 6 to 8 weeks for the Fund to provide for members.

Before requesting an estimate please check if a charge applies to you.

If there is no charge then an estimate can be requested from the Fund via the Contact form

If there is a charge for the estimate you require please complete the Payment of Charges for Pension Estimate form (PDF, 98.26KB).